Weekend Timetable

The weekend starts with a Welcome Dinner at The Elephant [Located at 1 Cinema Plaza, Adelade] and will feature a set menu. 

The real fun starts Saturday, where the three day convention is held at Crowne Plaza

The Farewell Lunch on Tuesday will feature _________.

STs For The Games:

Changeling: Eva Cavallaro

VTR 1.0: Ishtar Dawe

Mage 1.0: Vanessa Lamb

VTR 2.0: Brett Symons

VTM: Corey Markham

Mage the Awakening 2nd (AS1): Nick Whitman

VTM Auction Slot 2:​​ Corey Markham

VCs For The Games:

Changeling: Caleb Prince-Brotherton

VTR 1.0: Kyle Brooks

Mage 1.0: Ali Lawrie

VTR 2.0: Morgan Petrie

VTM: Ishtar Dawe

Mage the Awakening 2nd (AS1): Alex MacKenzie

VTM Auction Slot 2:​​ Alex MacKenzie